Love Not Landfill is a collaborative initiative that aims to combat textile waste and promote sustainable fashion practices. By raising awareness, encouraging conscious consumerism, and fostering creative solutions, Love Not Landfill is leading a transformative revolution in the fashion industry. A non-profit campaign founded by ReLondon, Love Not Landfill encourages fast-fashion fans to buy second-hand, swap, recycle and give to charity.

From 29th June to 2nd July, Love Not Landfill are celebrating the very best second hand clothing that London has to offer. Get ready to shop collections curated by some of Love Not Landfill’s favourite style savvy creators including Char Ellesse for Shelter Shops, Demi Colleen for Fara, Lina Mar for Cancer Research UK, and Nantida Intajak for HURR.


Images: Demi Colleen 

The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global pollution and waste. The rise of fast fashion has led to a throwaway culture, where clothes are mass-produced, quickly discarded, and end up in overflowing landfills. Love Not Landfill recognizes this pressing issue and seeks to challenge the status quo by encouraging individuals to rethink their fashion choices and embrace sustainable alternatives.

At the core of Love Not Landfill is the belief that every garment deserves a second chance. Instead of discarding clothes, the initiative promotes the principles of reuse, repurposing, and recycling. By extending the life cycle of garments, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. One of the key initiatives of Love Not Landfill is the concept of clothing swaps. This provides a platform for people to exchange unwanted clothing items with others, giving them a chance to find new treasures while diverting clothes from landfills. Clothing swaps bring a sense of community, promote sustainable consumption, and offer an exciting and affordable way to refresh one’s wardrobe without contributing to the demand for new clothing.