As we move into 2022, and the holiday season has come to an end, part of the post-holiday tidying up process will inevitably involve figuring out what to do with the Christmas tree.

With approximately six million trees being thrown out after Christmas, and an additional nine thousand tonnes of waste each year, the 200 trees that have been enchanting visitors at Angel Central over the Christmas period have a very different path ahead of them!

The Angel Central Community Forest was created from trees donated by Project Everyone, part of Somerset House’s Forest for Change initiative and part of a wider tree planting and regeneration in the Islington area – the result of sponsorship by Angel Central and the partnership between the centre, Islington Clean Air Parents and Islington Council.

The Community Forest was home to over 80 trees and nearly 200 plants which have all been donated to local community groups. On 29th December we delivered trees and plants to Culpeper Community Gardens, King Square Gardens and Islington Forest for Change. All of these trees and plants have since been replanted within the community.

Later this month we will deliver the remaining 40 trees to Hugh Myddleton School. These were purchased at the request of the school and will be used at the schools nursery playground and will form a hedged barrier. Members of the Angel Central team will partner with the local community to plant these.

We will also be delivering the four tonnes of bark used within the scheme to King Square Gardens where it will form a new pathway around their children’s playground, as well as to Duncan Terrace to be used within their borders.

Click here to learn more about where the trees were donated.