With almost round the clock debate and news coverage, climate change is definitely a hot topic (pun intended). Even with growing concern and public action, protests and pledges, it can sometimes seem an insurmountable task, and a job too big for just one person to make a difference. But at Angel Central creating a community to engage with and plan of action that can make difference – proving you don’t have to be Greta to do a little better.
Sustainability is always at the heart of Angel Central, and we benchmark everything we do against those values. We’ve added community focused and environmentally friendly new amenities, including improved air quality, introduction of planting and free water refill points – with the aim of becoming one of the first ever WELL accredited retail and leisure destinations.
Our green and climate conscious approach is long-term and always evolving, but here is a rundown of what Angel Central and it’s tenants are currently doing to help create positive change.

Know the Origin

Sustainability-focused department store Know the Origin has opened a pop-up and first zero-waste store at London’s Angel Central, bringing all of their 200+ fashion and conscious living brands under one roof. Charlotte Instone, founder of Know the Origin, said: “I set up Know the Origin to create a platform for those amazing brands that champion the full product journey, so customers can connect with where each product has come from. We have been able to educate the public and spread our vision across the UK through our series of pop-up stores, and Angel Central’s prominent location and high levels of footfall is the perfect space to continue our mission.”

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce with RE.UNIQLO

Can your old clothing improve the future? The RE.UNIQLO programme recycles your used garments through circular sustainability programs. They collect UNIQLO down garments from all over the world and transform them into new products, and also work with NGOs and partners to distribute wearable used clothing to refugees, disaster victims, and others in need worldwide. RE.UNIQLO boxes are placed in each store including Angel Central, where your donations not only help reduce waste, but actively help others.

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M’s Conscious products are created with a little extra consideration for the planet, with at least 50% of each piece made from more sustainable materials, like organic cotton or recycled polyester. The only exception is recycled cotton which, for quality reasons, can only make up 20% of a product. This spring’s collection was made from 100% recycled, organic or other more sustainable materials, and included innovative fabrics like the Agraloop, an award-winning innovation transforming food crop waste, like leftovers from oilseed hemp, into high-quality BioFibre. The current Rewind. Renew. collection pledges to make better denim by reducing the use of virgin materials and reusing what already exists – with a goal of all raw materials used for their products consisting of 30% recycled materials by 2025.

H&M Conscious Collection

The S.E.W Sustainable Collection from Monsoon is part of the brand’s commitment to seeking an eco-friendly world, starting with clothing. The new range is created using sustainable fabric alternatives, including responsibly sourced organic cotton and LENZING ECOVERO, a planet-friendly alternative to viscose. With denim with a reduced environmental impact in jackets and jeans, as well as midi dresses and tops that are forever favourites, it’s never been easier to choose sustainable, and be aware of the impact of those choices.

Reduce Plastic Bag Waste at MUJI

MUJI manufactures its products from three perspectives: “Selection of Materials”, “Review of Processes” and “Simplification of Packaging”. They choose materials that take into account the global environment and producers, eliminate waste in all processes, and provide customers with what they really need in the form they really need.
They instil a mindfulness towards the natural, delivering functional basic necessities in life without the frills and excess packaging, including a drive towards reduction in single-use plastic. In the spirit of reducing waste and conserving resources, MUJI encourages all customers to bring their own bags, reuse MUJI’s brown paper bags, or purchase our range of reusable bags and carriers while shopping in-store at Angel Central.