Introducing Lone Design Club’s (LDC) first pop-up ‘Travel Boutique’; a captivating pop-up in the heart of Angel, exclusively dedicated to travellers seeking sustainable and independent brands. Pop in for all your unique summer grabs – whether it be a summery staycation or last minute getaway, Lone Design Club have you covered. This is your go-to destination for sustainable and independent travel essentials. Embark on a journey of discovery that celebrates conscious consumption and unforgettable.

In this boutique, Lone Design Club believe in the power of travel to inspire and connect people, while also leaving a positive impact on the world. Their boutique showcases a handpicked collection of ethically sourced and eco-friendly products from around the globe.

This July, Lone Design Club’s pop-up concept store will feature a curated selection of independent and conscious fashion, lifestyle and homeware brands. Brands include…

WEEK 1: By Precious Seronga, Goldie London, Hairy Mary, Lula Laora, Metavocus, Samuday Studios, Ingmarson, Danshuu, Raffya, Lines Under Collusion, JB Tailoring, Lisha Studio, Wink Atelier, Goldie Jewellery, Pongo England, Delmora, Sormeh Jewels, Loca Jewellery, Courier.

WEEK 2: Goldie London, Hairy Mary, Becci, The Artelier, 21.07 London, Beyond Yellow, Axelle Dufresne, Wink Atelier, Goldie Jewellery, Delmora, Loca Jewellery, AHW Studio, Courier.

WEEK 3: Its 9pm, Goldie London, Hairy Mary, Delta of Phoenix, 12.5mm, Le Bobu, Harmony Garden, Wink Atelier, Goldie Jewellery, Delmora, Loca Jewellery, AHW Studio, Courier.

WEEK 4: Selia Richwood, Goldie London, Hairy Mary, Safarahh, Organic Hanger, 12.5mm, Le Bobu, Wink Atelier, Goldie Jewellery, Delmora, Loca Jewellery, AHW, Courier.

We can’t wait for you to shop, discover and learn all about the independent, sustainable brands Lone Design Club have to offer, as well as their immersive workshops and events. Make sure you RSVP by following the links or checking out Lone Design Club’s Events + Experiences page to not to miss out.