Bring a smile to their faces with a personalised letter from Santa (and still have time to make eat mince pies).

We know all your little angels love to receive a message from Santa. We also know that busy folks (like you) don’t always have time to write something of your own.  So, we saved you some time with our personalised letter writer. Just give us some details below and we’ll send you a letter from Santa straight to your email.


How to make the magic happen

Whether you read it aloud or let them practice their words, they’ll be sure to love the sprinkle of Christmas magic it brings.  All you have to do is give us a few details like their name, age and interests and we’ll pop them into a letter that gets emailed to you straight away.

  • Who should we address the email to e.g. "Dear {John}". If there's more than one child put both names e.g. Sam and Fiona.
  • We'll mention the child's age in the letter e.g. "I can see from my list that you're aged {6}". If there are two children put both ages e.g. 3 and 6
  • We'll also make sure Santa mentions their interests in the letter e.g. "My elves tell me you're still interested in {horses}".
  • Finally, Santa will say where he's visiting e.g. "I'll be flying over {Islington} on Christmas Eve".
  • Where should we send the letter?
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