Angel Central is delighted to play host to a new exhibition by Haircuts4Homeless for three consecutive weekends from 1st September until 18th September. 

Haircuts4Homeless, the registered charity set up by veteran hairdresser Stewart Roberts has teamed up with Angel Central to showcase beautiful portrait photographs and intimate quotes from the new ‘Hear Me, See Me‘ book. In a collaboration which saw Stewart team up with photographer, Jack Eames, and session hairstylist, Leigh Keates, the photographic book documents clients’ spoken stories over the past three years.

Inspired by the actions of hairdressers cutting hair for the homeless in various parts of the world, Stewart set out not only to do this himself, but to build a community of skilled hairdresser volunteers who give their time free of charge to assist. Now their work will take up a new temporary residence at Angel Central, Islington. ‘Hear Me, See Me‘ will be available to buy at the exhibition.


The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the charity, humanising the face of homelessness by challenging stigmas and stereotypes via honest, thought-provoking imagery and words to acknowledge that the smallest of actions can have the greatest effect.

Haircuts4Homeless Founder, Stewart Roberts commented: “Over the past three years we’ve met so many people and heard so many different stories, to be able to partner with Angel Central and put these stories on display to the public and raise awareness of the work that we do is something I’m really proud of. For us this is not just an exhibition, it’s not just a book or a haircut, we’re a community that creates a space for wellbeing and acceptance and I’m delighted to be able to share the stories of the people that we’ve worked with over the years.”

Adam Cummins, Centre Manager, Angel central said: “The work that Stewart and the team has done at Haircuts4Homeless is something that they should all be extremely proud of. I’m delighted that we’re able to host their exhibition and bring something new to Angel central for our visitors.”

The Haircuts4Homeless exhibition will open to the public on Friday 2nd September and run every Friday to Sunday until the 18th of September.