This summer Angel Central is supporting a range of projects and initiatives throughout Islington. Within the centre customers can choose to donate 20p to the initiative of their choice, and receive a sweet treat in return! The initiative with the most donations will then receive £1000 from Angel Central.

Each is a much deserving and important part of our local community, and Angel Central is proud to give them our support. Here is a short summary of what they are doing to make a difference.


Islington Clean Air Parents

Islington Clean Air Parents was founded in 2019 by four parents, Helena, Rachael, Miranda and Lucy, who have children at schools in the borough and are highly concerned about the pollution levels they are exposed to.

As individuals they were talking to their children’s schools about reducing air pollution, but finding that the Heads weren’t always receptive to taking action. By forming a group they have found support and ideas about how to create change, and are now a fast growing network of parents and carers in Islington.

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Forest for Change

As part of ICAP’s ongoing efforts to reduce toxic air pollution in Islington, Forest for Change has been launched as an ‘urban forest’ project. They aim to plant up to 200 trees in and around Islington, sourced from the Forest for Change exhibition taking place at Somerset House this summer.

The trees are being donated to Islington by Forest for Change, an interactive installation by artist Es Devlin open at Somerset House from 1 to 27 June as part of the London Design Biennale. The project will help regenerate Islington’s urban and green spaces to offer more places for children to engage with nature and learn about the importance of trees.

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Culpeper Community Garden

A green oasis in the midst of streets, estates and inner city bustle, Culpeper Community Garden is one of the most valued green public spaces in Islington.

Culpeper is a beautiful public open space which is both a city park and an environmental community project. Managed by and for local people, it is an award winning project where people from all walks of life come together to appreciate and enhance their environment.

Surrounded by roads and a busy shopping area, Culpeper is often described as ‘an oasis’. Children and adults alike love to explore the pathways, ponds and wealth of plants. It’s a perfect place for a picnic or simply for relaxing.

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Community Parklets

Community parklets take up the space of one parked car and turn it into an area where people can park their bikes, sit, have a coffee and chat, meet friends of all shapes and sizes and enjoy being outside. They can provide greenery, art or other visual amenity and vastly improve our grey urban environment.

Only 26% of residents in Islington have access to a car leaving the majority unable to use their public realm space fully. We all know the importance of nature to our physical and mental wellbeing – as noted in Islington’ Biodiversity Report published in April 2020 – but non-car owners currently have no stake in their own street. Islington has 5 commercial parklets, the first being opened in June 2019 in St Luke’s community centre. There are no community parklets, no process for getting a permit for a community parklet and only one guerilla parklet in Mayton Street which has a special permit which is up for renewal in June 2020.

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