Puppy yoga classes at Angel Central. 


Puppy Yoga London aims to combine the physical benefits of a typical yoga class enhanced with the serotonin boost from puppy interaction. Puppy Yoga London’s experienced instructors lead classes suitable for all levels, designed to promote relaxation, flexibility, and mental well-being. The Mental Health Foundation states that just by stroking, sitting with or playing with an animal, people are given a chance to relax, calm their minds and be present in that moment.

Puppy Yoga London classes are essentially puppy daycare. The classes allow the puppies to socialise with new people in different environments, which creates less separation anxiety when they officially go off to the new homes.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of animal welfare and ensure that our puppies receive the love, care, and attention they deserve.

Tickets are released every Thursday for the following weekend. Please check the website each week as Puppy Yoga London may release tickets at different times each week. Puppy Yoga London doesn’t release tickets further than one week in advance, which has allowed all of our attendees to have a much better chance of getting tickets.

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Puppy Yoga London 

  • Has Puppy first aiders in every class. 
  • Staff are also trained in The Principles of Puppy Socialisation
  • Provide safety demonstrations including mandating rules to protect puppies during the sessions and ensure awareness of breed-specific considerations.
  • Recognise the importance of sleep to puppies and manage the session structure to ensure they receive 30-40 minutes of undisturbed sleep per session.
  • Ensure a constant supply of water during and between sessions for puppies is available.
  • Work with their breeding partners to understand feeding times and ensure the breeder has adequate time to feed puppies.
  • Measure and manage temperatures for puppies and only use air-conditioned or controlled studio spaces.
  • Sanitise our studios with parvo virucide, a major risk factor for young puppies.
  • Sanitise participant’s hands before entry with hand sanitiser and ensure all footwear is removed.
  • All toys are washed at 90° to kill all the nasties at the end of the day.

All instructors are not only highly skilled in guiding our customers through their yoga practice, but they are also passionate about nurturing a safe and enjoyable environment for our furry companions.

These classes are designed to provide a joyful experience, both for our four-legged friends and attendees. 

For further information please contact info@puppy-yoga.co.uk