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Located off the ever-hip Upper Street, Angel Central Shopping Centre (formerly known as The N1 Centre) has a vibrant and stylish collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and music venues under its roof. Whether you want to watch the latest movies and share a family-sized popcorn snack, or dine out for two on something more extravagant, Angel Central offers you that choice.

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Summer Fashion Trends

Say goodbye to the winter coats and hello to the floral dresses – summer time is here!

Here at Angel Central, we have a passion for fashion! We love fashion so much that we’ve decided to break down some of the summer’s hottest fashion trends and give you a few examples of what you can pick up in store.

Luxe Sports

Luxe Sports is a hot look that combines the sporty look with a sleek, stylish twist.

For example, this GapFit Brush Tech Jersey Hoodie is perfect for the summer, made with breathability in mind and sporting a black heather colour scheme. The four-way stretch allows freedom of movement and has been recognised for it’s comfortability.

The GapFit Ovadia+ Parka is another must have for summer, made with the intention to blur the line between leisure and sport. It features a checkered hood that is guaranteed to make a bold statement, and works great as a summer jacket.


As you can imagine, any kind of clothing that features a Floral design will go down perfectly in the sunny weather.

This Flower Bardot Dress from Oasis is the ideal off the shoulder summer dress, combining florals with classic strips and faultless frills. The dress can be used for multiple different occasions, blending a mix of smart/casual.

Oasis’ Long Bloom Bardot Dress is a dress that doesn’t fail to impress, featuring a longer design that is perfect for a dinner date with friends. The simple but effective use of floral patterns throughout mixed with the pastel colours makes it a stunning style statement.

Summer Tailoring

Never underestimate the power of a good suit. A blazer and trousers look mixed with a t-shirt and trainers can prove to be a powerful summer-y look.

This pair of H&M Skinny Fit Suit Trousers creates a sleek feel, sporting a slimming dark blue colour scheme. As you can see, pairing it up with the matching top half and a brown shirt creates a fun but stylish outfit.

Also from H&M, this Slim Fit Linen Jacket would go perfectly with a pair of jeans, embodying the idea of smart/casual. Available in dark grey marl, light beige and dark khaki green, it could be fun to mix and match and get creative with your choice in pants.


Heritage is proving to be one of the hottest trends this summer, mixing a blend of check and tartan and providing a modern take on some classic fashion.

This retro inspired Merlot Check Dress from Oasis is ready for all occasions and is big on detail. Making use of a zipper front and a tie-waist bow, this checked dress would go hand in hand with a pair of ankle boots.

H&M’s Off-The-Shoulder Dress nicely blends a mixture of check and flowers to create a dress that is perfect for the hot weather. Couple this dress with a pair of sandals and you’ve got yourself a killer sunshine look.


Pastel colours are quickly becoming the regular when it comes to men’s fashion, and for good reasons.

The Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt from Gap features an embroidered design on top of a pure pink colour scheme. The use of the pastel colours creates a relaxed, chill vibe and is made from a super soft material.

You could potentially couple the shirt with the Washwell Vintage Wash Shorts also from Gap if you’re feeling particularly bold. Available in a range of colours from aqua turquoise to bodega bay to willow pink, you’re not exactly short of colours to choose from.


Vintage is always a sought after look, but you don’t have to try and find older clothes to get the look you want.

For example, this Priscilla Print Dress from Monsoon features a beautiful folkish floral design with flow-y sleeves that shouts 70s throwback. The tassel ties and short style gives off a breezy feel and you could imagine seeing a member of ABBA in this get up.

Another dress that follows a similar style Monsoon’s Gabriella Long Sleeve Embroidered Midi Dress. Stitched together with the colours of the rainbow, the detail of this dress is breathtaking in a true 70s fashion.


Summer time is all about the festivals, but you don’t have to spend a weekend in a field in order to achieve the look.

This Alaya Print Maxi Skirt from Monsoon screams flower power, and is perfect for lots of dancing. The paisley print design is sure to make a statement, and the flow-y style of the dress keeps it super breathable and comfortable.

The Micro Western Denim Jacket from French Connection for any festival look, and goes with almost any outfit. The jacket has a timeless, vintage look and can be worn with anything from floral dresses to t-shirts and mini skirts.

Bold Colours

Nothing stands out in a crowd more than bold colours, and the summer time is perfect for keeping it colourful.

Culottes are currently very in, and this pair of Whisper Ruth Culottes from French Connection is sure to turn heads. Featuring a beautiful azalea colour scheme and a flattering cropped oversized leg, these pants are ideal for the smart-casual dresser.

The Crepe Light Pleat Shirt also from French Connection is another example of bold colours done right. With a mustard seed colour and sleek look, this loose fitting shirt works great for those extra hot days.


And that’s our list. These are just a few examples of some fantastic looks you can achieve, and you can find them all at Angel Central.

Got any other recommendations for some great summer wear? Be sure to let us know.

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*This number is for centre management team, please visit the tenant pages for individual store numbers.