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Mysteries In Islington

We’d all be lying if we didn’t admit that we love a good mystery. Reading into unusual or unexplainable events will get you hooked, and the findings can be pretty spooky.

Islington has had a fair few mysteries of it’s own, so we’ve decided to look into some of the best.


UFO Sightings

Mysteries In Islington, Mysteries In Islington

Islington has almost become synonymous with alien/UFO sightings over the years, as there has been a number of different sightings in the local area.

The legitimacy of these claims will always be called into question due to the lack of physical proof, but there has been a few individual reports of UFO’s in one particular area that makes us question ourselves.

Many residents are convinced that we are not alone in the universe and that intelligent life has been visiting the area for many years now, confusing objects in the air such as helicopters or Chinese lanterns floating away as spaceships. While these people are adamant that they spotted an alien ship, there isn’t any evidence to support these claims.

The sightings came through so often that The Minister of Defence (MOD) even issued a call line for people to report any sightings of UFO’s. However, this call line was eventually shut down in order for the Government to save money and focus on other matters.

One of the few pieces of “evidence” to support the existence of UFO’s is a famous video filmed on a personal camera that shows a distant flying object floating above the London skies. Whether or not this is a real UFO is the real question, even others in the video are not sure what they are seeing. This video is definitely an interesting form of evidence to look at, and does add some fuel to the fire.

Do UFO’s exist in Islington?


Metal Works Hauntings

Mysteries In Islington, Mysteries In Islington

Islington Metal Works is one of the oldest Victorian nightclubs that still exists and operates within London, and has become infamous over the years for being the host of many famous hauntings.

The club itself even hosts many different events that allows the public to explore the club at night to see if they can stumble across any phantoms who lurk in the halls.

Supposedly an old Victorian couple stalks the club during it’s quieter times, with various employees reporting seeing a woman in a ghostly form stood next to a gentleman dressed in Victorian fashion. This is one of the many spooky occurrences that has taken the Metal Works from a historic fossil to a modern tourist attraction.

There has also been other reports of full body apparition that shows up in the club as well. One of the other famous stories comes in the form of bread. The Manager at the Metal Works claims that one day a baguette randomly fell from the ceiling out of nowhere, which was a strange happening in itself. But the weirdest part was there was no baguettes on site at the time, begging the question – where did the baguette come from?

The Metal Works has become a huge tourist attraction in Islington, and the Manager loves hosting these ghost hunting events. While he cannot promise any supernatural occurrences, he does state that it’s going to be a spooky night.


Old Queens Head Hauntings

Mysteries In Islington, Mysteries In Islington

The Old Queens Head pub in Islington has become quite the hotspot for mysteries, especially with its famous hauntings. The pub itself is famous in its own rights for being a popular spot for famous British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh to spend time at during his stays in London.

The original building may be gone, but the new building has kept the same ghostly residents to haunt the place.

There are two main ghostly manifestations that persist within the pub, one of them is a woman in a Tudor style dress and the other is a small, unhappy looking girl.

The first occurrence happens on the first Sunday of the month, with the doors of the pub opening and close on their own, even when nobody is around. Following that, there is the sound of footsteps retreating from the inn. Creepy, right?

The phantom that takes the form of the woman in the Tudor dress can often be seen by pub goers hanging around the main bar area, like she is sat next to the customers themselves.

The spirit of the little girl seems to appear more often, and has a lot more paranormal activity surrounding her.

There has been many reports of sounds of a young girl sobbing coming from the staircase of the bar, with some people saying that it sounds like a young girl playing. Then it gets really weird, as there has been some cases of the young girl running up the stairs. Some poor guests have even reported experiencing the young girl chasing them up the stairs.

If that doesn’t creep you out, we don’t know what will.



As you can see, the borough of Islington has got quite the supernatural reputation surrounding it, with many different locations being home to different spirits and ghosts.

Whether these are just fake reports or our minds playing tricks on us, it is certainly fun to think about the possibility of these being real and to think that we could be living amongst other beings.

Have you heard of any other famous mysteries in the Islington area? Be sure to let us know!

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