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Located off the ever-hip Upper Street, Angel Central Shopping Centre (formerly known as The N1 Centre) has a vibrant and stylish collection of shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and music venues under its roof. Whether you want to watch the latest movies and share a family-sized popcorn snack, or dine out for two on something more extravagant, Angel Central offers you that choice.

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How To Have A Stress-Free Christmas Shopping Trip

The festive celebrations have already begun and that can only mean one thing – Christmas shopping is here.

We love seeing Angel Central full of happy customers buying gifts for their loved ones and getting excited for Christmas, but we know first-hand how potentially stressful shopping for presents can become.

Too many bags, forgetting to buy for people and that “hangry” feeling can all turn a fun festive trip into a stressful experience, so we’ve created a list of tips that will help keep your Christmas shopping stress-free.

Get In Early

One of the first useful tips we can give you is to get your Christmas shopping done early and start as soon as you can.

Leaving the present shopping until mid-December could leave you with limited options as far as gifts go and is almost guaranteed to cause a lot of stress. We recommend taking a trip to the shops as soon as possible, getting everything sorted nice and early so you can relax and enjoy the lead up to Christmas!

If you’re buying kids toys, be warned that some of the more popular might sell out. Just to be safe, keep an eye out for all of the Fornite and Minecraft merchandise as they will likely be the first things to go.

On the subject on getting it done early, visiting the shops in the morning or during the week in order to avoid crowds and secure the best deals is always a good option!

Find A Good Parking Spot

A big positive to setting out early is finding the perfect parking spot.

If you’re planning on buying gifts for all of your family and friends, you’re going to need to carry these bags from shop to shop. With all of these presents on hand, you’re not going to want to walk very far.

Parking your car close to the shops is really handy for being able to drop off some bags during the day, not restricting the amount of things you can buy in one trip and getting it all boxed off in one day.

One of the bonuses to visiting Angel Central for your Christmas shopping is the fact that we have on-site parking, making it even easier for you to shop to your heart’s content.

Good luck trying to sneakily get those presents into the house though!

Make A List

The key to any successful shopping trip is organisation and shopping for Christmas presents is no different.

To get organised, you’re going to need to make a list of every person you’re planning on buying a present for and a rough idea of the type of gift you want to get for them. Whether it’s a specific item or just a few ideas, jotting them down will prove to be very useful.

Making a list will give you clear directions for the kind of present you’re aiming to get for someone and make the gift choosing experience easier as a whole. When in doubt, make a list.

Click & Collect

If you’ve got your eye on a specific gift and you’re worried that it might sell out, why not reserve it?

Places like Argos at Angel Central have a great click & collect system, allowing you to pay in advance and pick up the item instead of risking missing out on the hottest new items. This can come in handy if you really need to get your hands on a product but can’t make it to the shops for a few days.

If there happens to be an item that you can’t find at Angel Central, we now have Amazon Lockers so you can get your packages delivered here, ready to be picked up whenever is best for you! This can come in handy if you’re prone to missing packages during the week.

Take A Break

We know that shopping can be a tiring experience, so taking a break and getting off your feet is going to make the entire trip a lot more enjoyable.

Being on your feet for hours is tiring, and can leave you feeling fed up and wanting to end the trip early. You can counterbalance these feelings by taking some time to go for a coffee and review what you’ve got so far.

Lucky for you, Angel Central has some great spots for some mid-shopping retreats. Pret A Manger serves up a variety of tasty sandwiches and salads, as well as specialist teas, coffees and juices. MaiChai is another fantastic spot if you’re looking for the perfect cup of tea.

If you’re looking for something more filling, Angel Central has restaurants such as Bella Italia, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Wagamama, Jones & Sons and Itsu on site. Each one of these restaurants provides a different range of food, offering something for everyone.

Photograph Things You Like

Trying to decide whether or not to buy a certain idea is definitely something that causes stress, and we think we’ve found the solution.

If you’ve stumbled across an item that you’re tempted by but you can’t commit to purchasing, take a picture and move on. Taking snaps of products you’re considering and reviewing them at a later date is great for deciding what you actually want.

Taking the time to go and have a coffee and review the situation is ideal if you’re struggling to decide on the right gift. Being able to take yourself out of the shopping environment will allow you to make a more education decision on whether or not to purchase.

Consider Gift Cards

We’ve all got someone that feels simply impossible to buy for and will often leave you scratching your head when trying to find something to get them for Christmas.

If you are really struggling to find the right present, have you considered gift cards? Gift cards can be a fantastic present idea because it lets the person spend it on something they actually want, instead of buying them something they either won’t want or aren’t going to use.

There’s no shame in buying someone a gift card, and some people actually prefer it! Save yourself the stress and consider purchasing a gift card for a loved one. Give someone the gift of a night out at one of our onsite restaurants or even to our 10 screen Vue cinema to catch the latest blockbuster.

Buy Something For Yourself

Lastly, the best way to make the Christmas shopping less stressful is to buy something nice for yourself.

Buying gifts and spending money on your loved ones is a lot of fun, but we recommend picking something up for yourself as a treat. After all, you’ve worked hard on picking all of their presents, so it only feels fair to grab something for yourself. With the latest fashions available at Oasis, Monsoon, GAP and H&M there is plenty to choose from. Alternatively after a hard days shopping maybe you want to pamper yourself with some luxurious products from Rituals or L’Occitane.

Make the trip feel that little bit more worthwhile and treat yourself – you deserve it.

To learn more about everything going on at Angel Central over this Christmas period, keep an eye on our blog for more helpful articles, news and updates.

Happy shopping!

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