Rescue your pumpkin this Halloween

Angel Central : event
Wednesday 23 Sep
Saturday Oct 31
Saturday Oct 31

Pumpkins_111965654 copyHalloween Saturday

31st October from 11am-4pm

Free event

Join us in the Angel Central Piazza for a fun family-friendly mini food festival open to all!

We will welcome you with a communal cook up from your Halloween surplus food. There will be a mass pumpkin soup feast  where Saturday shoppers will be treated to delicious and warming free soup made from surplus pumpkins.

Don’t miss the seaside pumpkin face board, confessions booth and food waste feely boxes.

The #PumpkinRescue is a celebration of food which introduces new skills, carves up Halloween conventions and creatively encourages you to think about the food they throw away. Did you know that on average we waste 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin at Halloween alone?

This initiative is brought to us by Hubbub that began the Pumpkin Rescue in Oxford in 2014 in collaboration with Good Food Oxford. The success of the festival led Hubbub to write a ‘how to’ guide for running a Pumpkin Rescue Festival, encouraging others to take on the replicable model. To date 19 towns and cities across the UK have #PumpkinRescue events planned.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away and become a pumpkin rescuer by learning how to use your surplus Halloween pumpkins. Don’t forget to post your pictures on Facebook or Twitter #pumpkinrescue #angelcentral