Hungerford Primary School

The school was initially called Hungerford Road School and it was built in 1896 to a design by Architect Bailey.
The site has seen many developments the first being in 1902 when the East Wing was added indicated by a date plaque in the apex of the roof and the change in floor tile in the corridors. The original drawings also indicate that the exterior stair cases all originally exited parallel to the building however the main stair case now exits directly onto the playground, remains of the old stairs can still be seen.  Around 1911 two additional buildings were erected in the playground and an entrance in Goodinge Road was completed. The large “Building on Stilts” was designed to provide shelter during inclement weather break times downstairs. Upstairs it was arranged as a workshop for training boys in the use of machinery/woodwork. The other two-storey building was built to teach girls laundry and cookery.


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